• New Furniture Collection - Vol. I - The Harper Set

    Posted by Savanna Dzebic

    My Blue Avenue is very excited to announce we are selling furniture! In addition to our gold foil prints, we have added an assortment of chic pieces guaranteed to glam up any space in your home.  We have selected mirrored and rustic wooden pieces to display, as these trends are quite popular right now.  These furniture pieces create a warm feeling and coziness in any home. Don't forget to add one of our prints when styling your new piece!

    A favorite of mine is the beautiful Harper - Rustic Mirrored Shelf (shown below)

    Having added this piece into our home recently, it has become a great place to store books and to display candles and other small decals.  The three cabinets also create great storage space. You can also change up the spacing of the shelves for larger or smaller items. This versatile piece would look great in any room of your home!



    In addition to the Harper - Mirrored Rustic Shelf, we are also offering the Harper Set.  The Harper Set includes two of the Harper- Mirrored Rustic Shelves as well as the Harper - Mirrored Rustic Table (shown below) When the pieces are combined together it creates an amazing shelving feature in your home.  We recently added the Harper Table to our living room as a console table and it has really created a beautiful touch to our home.  We housed the bookshelf on one side of our living room, and the table on the other side of our fireplace. If you have trouble at times on spacing in your living room and what to showcase in those areas, these items can definitely help with that.  They are big enough to display on their own and are very eye-catching. The two drawers below are great to store your movies or anything else you need. The console table is big enough to house a 60 inch TV with spacing on the bottom for gaming systems.  This table would also look great in a hallway or entryway with your favorite My Blue Avenue print to showcase!

    Need tips on styling furniture or displaying items in your home?  Please feel free to send us an email to- info@myblueavenue.com !  Thanks for stopping by!





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